Key Cutting

We have decades of key cutting experience and provide a while you wait service for nearly all key cutting services.

Call or visit the shop for key cutting prices.

Popular cylinder keys

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Mortice keys

Popular Brass Chubbs

Electronic Security Fobs & Cards

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  • All the keys

    We cut keys for Chubb locks, patio doors, offices, households, filing cabinets, window locks and more.

  • While you wait

    Or drop them off and collect them at a time that suits you.

  • Specialist keys

    There are some keys that require a little more time. We'll explain what's special about your keys and give you a clear timescale for completion.

  • Quality Checking

    We check every key to ensure that you can rely on our key cutting service.

  • Key Tags and Fobs

    We stock a wide range of key tags and key fobs to help you keep track of your new key(s).

  • Electronic Security

    We offer a copy and duplication service for a range of security key fobs, security key card and house fob.

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  • Peace of Mind

    As well as providing Inclusive security and accessibility, electronic key fobs can track who is going in and out. It's also easy to add or remove key fobs from the system - so it's great for temporary users and long term security.

  • Repair or Replace

    Our efficient replacement service for electronic security 'keys' means you can avoid any unnecessary disruption to your business or household. 

  • While you wait

    Our business is all about the essential items you use every day. Bring your key fob or card to us and we will advise you on the replacement required.

  • Security Cards 

    Often used in hotels, security cards can control access to specific areas - both physical spaces as well as granting access to digital computer records.

  • Security Fobs

    Similar to electronic car keys, these fobs work as a wireless remote control. They are popular because they are difficult to copy.

  • House Fobs

    We can provide copies and duplicates that deliver the security function required as well as the size and style that suits your personal preference for your home or holiday letting.

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